Friday, 20 July 2012

What is Journalism? Defining the Job

Before defining Journalism, here is an assessment:

Today, Journalism – the print, broadcast and the web-based institutions – is apparently among the world’s more ‘fêted’ (if ‘dirty’) careers especially for the educated young…not to mention uncomfortable coffee table introductions which suspiciously wonder whether or not Journalism has actually married the new world wonders of ‘vanity posturing’, sensationalism and commercialized information.

I do believe that the task of meeting the demands of truth, justice and responsible citizenry continue to need more shoveling. More so in today’s context where the Press/Media continue to be challenged by the juicy bones thrown out by the political ‘dogs,’ fluid market systems, sectarian institutions and a growing trend of censure on free information by government agencies.

Nonetheless, the vibrant Media in the democracies of United States, United Kingdom and Asia, generally, has ensured that impetus still rides on the interest of youngsters looking for a career in Journalism. Today, more and more youngsters are looking to Journalism as a means to channeling expression and, well, I admit, defining their 'economic aspirations' as well.  'Economic aspirations' seem a bit of an uncomfortable explanation!

Definition of 'Journalism'

For the sake of sparing readers the burden having to brandish pompous explanations of the ‘school’, here is Journalism:
Broadly speaking, Journalism refers to the work of a person ('Journalist') working with a professional 'news organization' in disseminating and informing the public on current events, issues and trends. It refers to the activity or profession of writing for newspapers or magazines or of broadcasting news through radio or television, to be disseminated as information for the public.

Broadly speaking again - the role of Journalism as I understand from industry trends and societal thought processes - the profession plays three significant roles. Role as

•             An Interpreter
•             An Evaluator and
•             A "Disseminator"

In its more predisposed role as an independent monitor, Journalism offers ‘choices’ to the citizenry; journalists write, evaluate and comment on relevant issues and events for the public. 

Al Ngullie is a senior Sub-editor, Reporter and Columnist with The Morung Express, an English newspaper in India.

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