About Al Ngullie

Al Ngullie is an award-winning Indian journalist, columnist and humorist based in northeast India. Policy–political news and government / development–is his beat. He is also a policy analyst offering consulting services to developmental government organs.
Some of the most significant news events during 2006-2012 associated with regional government policies, development, and political administration in Nagaland, North Eastern region of India, and even national niche news, have been credited to Al Ngullie, particularly during his work with a Nagaland-based newspaper called Morung Express.
Besides reporting credentials, regional media houses have also credited him as a pioneer of English satire and Gonzo journalism in Nagaland. In 1997, a Nagaland newspaper called Nagaland Post published Mr. Ngullie’s first English satire.
Since the age of 15 years, in ninth grade, several international media platforms including Reader’s Digest have published his works.
During the late ’80s and ’90s, the works of both his illustrator / cartoonist elder brother Sandemo Ngullie and the then young Al Ngullie were being published in most of India’s leading news magazines back then including The Sun (now defunct), the Jet Set (defunct) and the Upbeat (also defunct). He was still in school then.
Mr. Ngullie has been writing columns and articles for newspapers and magazines and internet institutions in Nagaland and India, as well as in the US, UK and Germany for more than 15 years now.
The senior Indian journalist is one of several Fellows selected for a commentary Fellowship by Panos South Asia in 2008.
Again, he was one of 10 Indian Journalists from across India who were selected for the prestigious All India Inclusive Media Fellowship 2009-2010. Again, he was the only one from North East India. He is considered the first from among Naga journalists in Nagaland to win a major professional fellowship from the national media industry.
Al Ngullie is also the recipient of award-winning commentary in 1997 on ’50 Years of India’s Independence: Achievements.’
Ngullie has also been nominated several times for the Young Achievers’ Award of the Government of Nagaland.
He is also a graded-professional Resume/ Curriculum Vitae Editor for corporate professionals in the US and the UK.
Before Joining the Media, Ngullie was even the topper of the NIIT’s professional scholarship GNIIT in Nagaland, in 2004.
Regional newspapers have described him as knowledgeable and popular. Known for his in-depth knowledge of political and social issues, his commentaries and opinions have also been published by leading Indian publications such as Tehelka and The Hoot.
Also, national newspapers and lifestyle magazines besides television channels have featured Mr. Ngullie. He was also named one of CNEI’s celebrities and top achievers from North East India in 2010.
Al Ngullie has four elder siblings. He lives with his widowed mother in the Nagaland city of Dimapur.
You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn

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